(Vendlus Records)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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Only nine songs left until the end of the Earth! "SoulSavior" is the second album of a trilogy about our world's imminent war-induced destruction. The theme of this record is obvious; the music, not so much. What is this force prophecizing our demise, is it black metal? Death? Something else? The production is ultra-thick, and the tone is brooding. Keyboards and programming are used moderately, and transform the sound to apocalyptic. Rhythmically bombastic and doomy, V:28 manage to defy classification with a sound very much their own.

V:28's songs are quite noticeably influenced by classic black metal, particularly in the layered guitar techniques and some of the riffing, but they stray from that formula regularly, with much more melodically minded arrangements which often follow predictable patterns. The programmed drums vary in pace from moderate to blast to machinegun, and certain beats provide a war-like rhythm. The vocals are an unchanging throat-destroying mid-ranged growl that matches the mood perfectly.

Although much of the album blends together, the electronic/industrial moments of "Infected by Life" and the Nile-esque speed and ferocity of the intro to "Solid Structure Unknown," for example, vary the experience enough to maintain interest. Blending extreme qualities with subtle melodies and an ominous ambience, their vision of world devastation translates into dark music that will be enjoyed by many. --
Lady Enslain