Skeletal Season (Necropolis)
Enslain Magazine Issue #6
Order Issue #6!  This review included. The second full length by Chicago's most hated sons, Usurper, is one damn heavy album. Speed has been put on the backburner for this release, but the extreme heaviness and ferocity are enough that many will not be craving it while listening to this album. The fastest tracks on here are "Shadowfiend" and "Brimstone Fist" and the entire album is so damn heavy that you just have to get this one. The Tom G. Warrior inspired vokills of "Diabolical Slaughter" remain. As do the brutally heavy rhythms Usurper are known for. I also enjoy how they included brief synopses on the tracks "Shadowfiend" and "Wolflord". Other bands who do this include Marduk and Vader, and in doing so, help to make their lyrics more interesting. This is definitely another triumph for Necropolis and for true death metal. Now if only they would include "Anno Satanas" in their live set...UGH!!! -- Morbid Mario