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Nibelum Das Uhört (War Is Imminent Productions) Enslain Magazine Issue #8
You are not ready for this... I wasn't either. It's impossible to take this all in at once, you have to be ready to set aside some serious increments of time to appreciate what's going on here. Just try to imagine about a dozen musicians from Spain coming together to blend their dark arts into a dark, Spanish thematic release. You can't. You can try; you can piece together traditional black metal elements with Spanish guitars, pipes and violins, every male and female vocal style in existence, and segue it with sound effects similar to an action/thriller sequence of a movie or video game, or an interlude from an ancient faire. And you can concentrate on this mixture for the rest of eternity. And you'll still have no idea. I've listened to this a few times through already... and I'm still not so sure it has quite sunk in yet. What I do know, is that this is incomparable and captivating, and that it takes a lot of effort just to listen to it. There are some absolutely breathtaking moments on here, where all of the instrumentation comes together like a blackened symphony, but also times when things sound inappropriate or too complex. But at all times it's fun to let it weave its way into your unsuspecting mind. -- Lady Enslain