Disturbed Vision (Howling Bull) Enslain Magazine Issue #8
United have been around for quite some time, and have spread their name throughout Japan through extensive tour support, but are a relatively new name to this hemisphere, though you'd never guess by hearing it. Presenting a sort of thrash-core that finds itself between Slayer-esque guitar harmonies, Cavalera-like vocal ranges, and a hardcore crunchy repetition, you'd imagine they're among the herds of American, mainstream, Ozzfest bands. It is quite better though, not necessarily heavier, but there's no commercial selling-out here, just straightforward metal. There are a few super-crushing catchy riffs scattered throughout, but it's mostly repeated hardcore riffs without the depth or fullness needed to execute it as a proper hardcore tune. This leaves it at a comfortable place amidst the genres, but not really excelling at either. It is a decent effort though, quite accessible and potentially catchable. -- Lady Enslain