Corrode (Copro Records)
Enslain Magazine Issue #7
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UK's Unfounded have their moments. Musically, some songs retain a machinegun speed and sound through the bass and drums, with simple and repetitive hardcore guitarwork. When the gun turns off from rapid-fire mode, and starts shooting a bullet at a time is when it mellows out a bit too much and starts to sound like anything else. MachineHead is a comparison that could be made with some of the songs, but with more variety within songs and throughout the CD. The unabused use of keyboards, though the melodies are quite simple, help mold the rough edges. Vocally Unfounded could use some improvement. When singing, the vocalist's voice is a little wavery; could use some strength. And when growling the vocals seem to be coming totally from the stomach, without any texture from the throat. All things considered, this releases is still a step above a well-produced demo, but nothing earth shattering. -- Lady Enslain