Transport League

Satanic Panic (Pavement) Enslain Magazine Issue #8
Remember the Swedish band B-thong? Probably not, but Transport League is the project formed by Tony, the ex-vocalist of B-thong, who consequently was also a Pavement artist. His vocals have remained in tact since those days, screaming his rough yet clear-toned and distinguishable lyrics, and toying with a few other styles. Musically, the only similarity is in some of the riffing. Transport League isn't quite as harsh and fast, or as repetitive and expected. The sound ranges from mildly slow, carrying a few characteristics of the 'stoner' persuasion, to faster thrashcore. They know how to do 'catchy' well, exemplified in songs like "Neckdraft," but they balance it out with the slower rhythmical moments. This solid mixture of abrasively catchable tunes and rough vocal stylings seems more intended for mass commercial consumption, though not containing any of the fruitiness associated with today's neo-metal. -- Lady Enslain