Microscopic View of a Telescopic Realm (Metal Blade) Enslain Magazine Issue #8
When I first started listening to this album I wasn't really that impressed. It just sounded like a basic metal album. However, as the album progresses it gets much better. By the end of the disc you'd not believe it's the same band. After going through a bunch of times, I must admit it's damn good. Vocally, a nice range from the early Testament type sound to an Ozzy sound to a generic metal (Helmet) sound. Musically, it ranges greatly from harmony filled power metal, to drop-tuned heavy, to 80's metal. I think anyone who likes any of the above categories would do well to check this album out. You become even more impressed when you whip out the inlay card and realize this is a three-piece band. Musically very solid with plenty of talent. This one will definitely stay in my rotation for quite a while. -- Chris