All Eternity (Nuclear Blast) Enslain Magazine Issue #8
This is, doubtlessly, the goth-est thing ever! From the euro-styled electronic piano sound and the guitars that get drowned by it, to the deep vocals that stand at the forefront of it all, and down to the lyrics that drip with sensitivity, "All Eternity" typifies everything about the gothic subgenre. But something about it makes it really exciting to listen to. It may be in the upbeat tempos provided to the chiming keyboards and heavy guitars. Or it may be in the dual-octaved vocal processing given to the vocalist's Finnish-accented clean deep singing. Whatever it is, it grows a little more with each successive listen. If you can make it past the 80's electro-pop sounding "In the Heat of the Night", you're likely to enjoy the rest as much as I do. -- Lady Enslain