Thy Withering Orchard

Soft Glow of Perishing Cold (Amenta/Hammerheart)
Enslain Magazine Issue #6
Order Issue #6!  This review included. Thy Withering Orchard's first label release is quite an impressive one. As their name may suggest, the songs are quite atmospheric and give the feeling of nature. Their soft, tranquil ambiance and tenor sung vocals have a saddening sort of effect on the listener, though often the quick percussion and chugging guitars liven the mood. Soft strung guitarwork is common as well, with great speed and accuracy. Each of the songs has quite different styles for each instrument and sound, which keeps the CD enjoyable all the way through. Some of the songs are a little repetitive, but that may be necessary for the atmosphere to be felt. After a few listens, it's hard not to like this well-written and powerfully serene album. -- Lady Enslain