For Death & Glory
(Seven Kingdoms)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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And so the prophecy began, as foretold, from underneath the bodies of war's path will come warriors whose steel battle axes will triumphantly slay the enemies and avenge the deaths of their fallen gods. And these warriors are known as Thronar.

If you hadn't guessed, Thronar is epic, fantasy battle metal. In fact, I donít think you can imagine a sound that fits this genre better. These guys are to medieval battle metal what Einherjer is to viking metal. And they do it so well! For their full-length debut, this Dutch band really knows how to draw attention from the very beginning. The opening track "To Kill and Be King" is a long and epic tale of battle, combining synthesized horns and dramatic clean vocals during the chant-along chorus "And we will fight...".

The sound is lively melodic/classic majestic metal with mostly growled vocals. The keys do a lot of the work on this record, truly setting the scene of the battle. They are sometimes used more traditionally, with a very Finnish kind of sound, but they are also used to replicate the sound of medieval instruments, horns, or samplings of other such sounds.

The lyrics are exactly what you'd expect, although the fantasy world is not that of norse deities or played out themes from sci-fi classics. The names of the lands and warriors they sing of were their own creation, and this theme is present throughout the disc. You normally have to worry about a band that uses their own name in their lyrics as much as these guys do, but in this case it's fitting, like a bard singing the tales of a famed and glorious warrior.

Although a little repetitive after a while, "For Death & Glory" is a surprisingly strong debut for these future battle-metal heroes. --
Lady Enslain