Throes of Dawn

Binding of the Spirit (Wounded Love/Avantgarde Music) Enslain Magazine Issue #8
Finland's Throes of Dawn have the technical capability, and the ear for melancholy, to create a sound which is skillfully dark. With the help of the black metal vocal stylings, the music is brought from simply dark, to nearly abysmal. With a crystal clean production, the softly played keyboards and clean acoustic segments are given proper feeling and make the faster distorted parts that much more powerful. Towards the end of the CD, clean male singing is added to the mix, which I'd like to hear more of, without neglecting their more evil vocal style. "Binding of the Spirit" starts off with "The Last Rainbow Warrior is Dead," a perfect mixture of speed and dynamics, unique keyboard arrangements and technical proficiency that gives off an undefinable ferocity, and the CD ends with "Stardestroyer," an eerie, vivid atmospheric outro. Between these two highlights, the rest falls no less enticing. -- Lady Enslain