The Kovenant

Animatronic (Nuclear Blast)
Enslain Magazine Issue #7
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It's not a wonder that Astennu left this band before it was too late. I don't understand what happened! How do you go from black metal to electronica? It's not even that it's a slight change. It's almost ridiculous how much former Covenant of Norway have changed overnight. They not only resemble Marilyn Manson by sound, but by appearance as well. They seem proud, too, of the fact that they are more accessible now. It's not really that the music is horrible; its catchy, happy riffs tend to grow on you, and I am sure that this poppy release could do very well for them, monetarily, if thrown out to the media-fed masses. But fans of "Nexus Polaris " and those of true black art need not look to this direction. Let us bow our heads in silence to bid Covenant of Norway a sad farewell. -- Lady Enslain