Thee Plague of Gentlemen

Primula Pestis
(I Hate Records)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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"Primula Pestis" is the debut album from these Belgian doom-metallers. There's something very old-school about this asphixiatingly slow and gloomy release. It's not your typical neo-doom misery-metal. This is much darker, down-tuned, soul-crushing oblivion. And it's so goddamn bass-heavy, even your aftermarket car stereo may not be able to process all of it. There's a lot of southern sludge noticeable in the riffing, and a hint of old black metal at times. The vocals are a low-pitched yelling, which is well-suited for the music.

There's not a lot of variety among the songs, leading the creeping doom sound to seem everlasting. These are good songs, but it's better as background music. Even though there are a lot of elements to listen for in the songs, like the layers of vocals and the guitar lines that occassionally harmonize or ring out behind the music, it doesn't really provide much of an active listening experience. But I don't think it's intended for that anyway. This is designed to crush you with its super-heavy, thick, and depressive doominess.

Perhaps the best song on here is "The Ocean Has No Sides" which is the most melodic and memorable among the tracks. It is also included on the CD as one of two bonus live video-clips. There's not much to see really, but it's easy to imagine how deadly their live show must be. --
Lady Enslain