The Dillinger Escape Plan

Calculating Infinity (Relapse) Enslain Magazine Issue #8
I'm not certain what to call this, or if such classification would do this release justice. Imagine a cross between Candiria and Cynic, with avalanches of sonic chaos and multi-tracked slow passages. This has enough musical technicality to proficiently express its ideas, and its even produced well enough to distinguish all the parts, for the majority of the CD. This transcends both noise and hardcore, and carves its own niche into the aural spectrum. This isn't party music, or even Sunday driving music. It demands your full attention and doesn't allow you to become complacent even for a moment. This is like a modern-painting that you view, and don't even know what the hell it is that you are looking at, but its value to inspire us to question our perception of things is its greatest function. -- Rich