Tad Morose

Undead (Century Media) Enslain Magazine Issue #8
Upon starting this album up I had to go back and check to make sure that I was not still listening to Halford! This Swedish power metal effort is overall very impressive (though not my favorite.) It is a very good cross between power metal and something maybe a little heavier. The vocal styling does get to be unnerving after a while. Picture Halford, but with less range. I also found the vocals to be a little too dominant in the final mix of things. The album does bring back a lot of memories of the way things used to be in the 80's. Listening to this album makes me wonder if there are any Euro metal bands that don't use double bass constantly. It just kind of gets old after a while, you get the impression you are listening to one big long song. It just kind of strikes me as repetitive (double bass and harmonies) and somewhat unoriginal. If power metal is your thing though, you will want to check this out as this would be exactly what you probably look for in music. -- Chris