(Metal Blade Records)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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I tend to think the name Symphorce is a little deceiving. If you're not already familiar with their previous four releases, you might be expecting something, well, symphonic, and "phorce"ful. Instead, you will hear a mildly progressive power metal band that stray away from the traditionally anthemic and/or cheesy sounds of power metal, and follow a slightly darker path. The guitars are tuned lower and the bass is more pounding, giving a refreshingly different twist to the genre. The vocals have a unique quality about them too; although sung in typical power metal fashion, it's regularly about an octave lower.

Although the style is somewhat original, the riffs are not always as groundbreaking. I refuse to believe these guys don't listen to Nevemore. Besides a few leads here and there that mildly resemble their sound, "Haunting" seems to have borrowed not only their style, but also a couple of their riffs (can you hear "Inside Four Walls?"). This being said, Symphorce doesn't sound like a Nevermore clone. They definitely have their own less technical and more aggressive style. While other songs like "Nowhere" sound influenced by everything Finnish, typically these influences only manifest for short periods. "Godspeed" isn't a bad record, but it's hard to pinpoint an audience that will be most receptive. Even given their influences, I think this is still best left for die-hard heavy/power metal fanatics. --
Lady Enslain