Moribund Transgoria (Osmose Productions)
Enslain Magazine Issue #7
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Swordmaster skillfully blend harmonizing death metal with thrash and classic metal to form a unique melodic sound. Having this original sound, they carve themselves a place within the massive quantity of Swedish acts. As their name may signify, their sound is very sharp, a sound achieved by the excellent production by Andy La Rocque. The leads are more pronounced on here than on a lot of similar releases. Though the songs are extremely lively and rich, they don't catch immediately, but rather take a few dedicated listens. Once you've allotted this time to allow it to catch, you may find an addiction growing! This is understandable, because these songs have a lot of depth and alternating tempos and tones, so once it catches, it doesn't get old. "Moribund Transgoria" was a pleasant surprise, and if you're looking for a new bend on melodic death, with more traditional guitar playing, Swordmaster comes recommended. -- Lady Enslain