Black One
(Southern Lord Records)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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Authentically sinister ambience is taken to a new level on "Black One." Even if you are not a newcomer to the more extreme manifestations of black metal, this is still shocking in its primal noisiness! Rarely music at all, sunn0))) concentrate entirely on recreating the blackest, bleakest, most disturbing nightmares, and transforming them into devastating realities. As much black ambient as it is doom, the sub-sonic rhythmic pulsations make this is just as crushing and twice as deadly.

In the few songs with actual instrumentation, expect to hear guitars only, sometimes adding to the sound by distortion only, and other times offering a repeated riff throughout the track, in either a black metal style, or a southern drone. The "vocals" are so heavily distorted, they become as much of a sound effect as anything else. Tormented screams, and demonic growls that sound like they are originating from deep below the ground, add well to the believability of the ambience. The mood of each track can be interpreted in many ways. "Cursed Realms (Of the Winterdemons)," for example, sounds to me like the moments before getting run over by a train in a tunnel, in ultra-slow motion. However you take these in, each moment is asphyxiating, and some, like the unexpected speaker-blasting crescendos as the end of some of the tracks, are terrifying. "Black One" is meant to be listened alone (as you probably are if you listen to this type of thing) to in the darkest of night, as loudly as possible. --
Lady Enslain