(Public Guilt)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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This record is a journey into sound, simply put. The only instruments here are turntables (and some vocal sounds), but don't expect any Public Enemy or Beastie Boys style scratching. Instead, this is a collage of many different sound sources, all processed through the turntables, and a fair dose of delay. The mood is very bleak, yet passively ominous. It's like a soundtrack for an indie horror film on downers, set in a modern urban context.

This is an enhanced CD, containing some 8mm films shot in NYC (which i've not seen, since my antiquated computer makes an abacus look like a Pentium 4 by comparison). Some music is described as being ambient, but this record is pure ambience. Not that this would be used as a sonic backdrop at a party, mind you.

Remains does have some dynamic variety across tracks, from the gritty and industrial "Once Confronted", to the placid and bittersweet "A Dream You Were Alive". The sounds definitely take you to another world, in a trancelike drift.

It's not for everyone, but it is very good for what it is, even though many hold the opinion (as i do not), that this type of music has very little artistic value. Still is like a conductor of a multi-dimensional orchestra, using a wide array of sounds to create abstract landscapes of tone. If you want hooks, try elsewhere, but if you want sound to bug out/veg out to, this is it. --