Strictly Diesel (Roadrunner Records)
Enslain Magazine Issue #5
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At first impulse, I would label this album as Roadrunner's attempt to market their second Korn-wannabe band to open up for every metal and hardcore show on this side of the planet (as they did with Coal Chamber). Well, on second thought, they probably will do this, but I've at least given it a fair chance. My first impulse was quite right, they are very similar to the Korn sound (Coal Chamber, moreso), however it really isn't THAT bad. One of the things I like about them is the singing. Vocalist Johnny Santos has a kind of young sounding, sometimes a little nasal, but very clear voice, and when he holds out the higher notes, it has a really clear quality to it that I like. The music is mostly simple chords arranged such a way that it sounds catchy, and there are traces of industrialization here and there, as well as some sampling. Spineshank has a bit more to offer than you'd think, and if you are into the new breed of metal, you'll probably love this album. -- Lady Enslain