Dark Ages
(Roadrunner Records)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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Max Cavalera and crew are back with their 5th release on Roadrunner Records, and the first thing I thought after listening to it for the first time was "Wow, is this really Soulfly?" "Dark Ages" sounds nothing to me like the Soulfly I remember. Musically this is the best I have ever heard this band sound, dropping alot of the nu-metal sound that made the first few albums a little stale. Vocally, you can expect the brutal screams and growls that Max has perfected since early in this career. It still has the tribal influence throughout the music, but the musicianship on this release blows away anything on the prior 4 Soulfly releases. The album starts off with an eerie atmospheric sound to it, and breaks right into their first single "Babylon," which has a groove that you just can't help but nod your head or tap your feet to. Other stand outs on this album are "Innerspirit", "Molotov" (which features vocals from S.O.D. / M.O.D. frontman Billy Milano), "Frontlines," "Fuel The Hate," and the album closing instrumental "Soulfly V". Besides this 10+ minute track, there are some great instrumental breakdowns on this album that make you wonder what Soulfly would be today if this was the original line-up. Overall, this has to be one of Soulfly's best releases to date. You get the whole package with this one, the music is the best it's ever been, you get the unmistakable vocals of Max Cavalera, and if you are one for artwork, the album cover is definitely worth a look or two. -- Bill Schneider