Sonic Syndicate

Eden Fire
(Pivotal Rockordings)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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Hearing Sonic Syndicate for the first time is as exciting as the first time I heard Soilwork or Gardenian. Immediately you can hear the potential for these guys to take their place among the new breed of melodic metal elite. At this early stage there are perhaps too many influences present, disallowing a truly defining sound. The keyboards lean the music towards Dark Tranquillity (listen to "Prelude to Extinction,") while the guitarwork is a mix of older In Flames, deathcore, and more traditional heavy metal influences. Several of the songs, especially "Jailbreak," remind me of early Gardenian, and the vocalist propels that along with his similarly growled style. Even still, they are beginning to find their own niche in the "sonic" way they blend keyboards and effects with the melodic riffs.

The production is about as good as it can get, with a clean but not thin sound, easily giving these Swedes that unmistakable Gothenburg sound. The guitar and bass tone is a little darker than what might be expected, and this blends well with the darkly progressive sounds of the keyboards. Vocalist Richard Sjvnnesson - one of the three Sjvnnesson's that make up this 6-piece line-up - has a voice that doesn't get dull, thank to his ability to growl fiercely, grunt deeply, or yell harshly. Sonic Syndicate are a young band, with the youngest member a youthful 16, and these kids have some tricks yet to learn, but their songs are surprisingly well-written, arranged, and developed. Fans of Swedish Death look no further; here's your next big band. --
Lady Enslain