Further (MeteorCity) Enslain Magazine Issue #8
The sticker plastered on the plastic that covers the jewel case of this album seems a bit wrong. It first mentions their ex-roles as members of Godspeed, which is fine, but then follows with "fans of Black Sabbath, Tool, Deftones, and Sevendust, check out Solace!" Am I wrong in finding this inappropriate? True as it may be, do they really need to be promoted based on other artists' fame? Let's judge this for what it is, because obviously we can't blame the band for the sticker. I can see the Black Sabbath reference, as the vocals are sometimes similar to Ozzy's, in style moreso than in tone, but other vocal styles are used as well, and it all works well with the stoner rock rhythms. And the music is just that, high quality heavy stoner rock, without being as dull or repetitive as most of their peers. The groove and twang isn't overdone, though its presence is noted throughout. I think Solace do about as much justice to this genre of music as can be done, with diversity of tempo and mood, and skilled delivery of their well-written and arranged tunes. Just after hearing their self-financed self-titled demo, it was obvious that Solace was on to something. -- Lady Enslain