The Chainheart Machine (Century Media)
Enslain Magazine Issue #7
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This album shreds!!! It's empowering, it's intense, and it's so amazingly sharp. There is not a weak link anywhere in their powerful line-up, no misplaced strand in their brilliantly composed and arranged songs, no flaw in their precise production. They have the pittable fury of thrash, the melodic sound of Swedish death, and the most gently placed keyboards to help smooth out the intentionally rough edges. The drumming is so amazing, having speed and creative fills, and a lot of nice cymbal usage. The vocals add perfectly to this already rich sound, giving off a certain powerful feeling that draws one nearer. There are so many dynamic moments in each of these finely tuned songs, and it's surprising how many strong, memorable riffs they come up with. Despite how good this entire album is, I always end up coming back to the machine-like title track, one of the best and most empowering songs ever! 'I rise, you fall!!!' "The Chainheart Machine" shows no sign of ever losing its freshness, and it's destined to reach classic status! Absolutely brilliant! -- Lady Enslain