Soilent Green

Sewn Mouth Secrets (Relapse)
Enslain Magazine Issue #6
Order Issue #6!  This review included. One certainly does not hear an act such as this everyday. This runs the spectrum from grindcore, with some hard-core breaks, to the Sabbath-influenced heavy blues riffing of Pantera. Oddly enough, the vocalist does sound very much like Phil Anselmo at times. Unlike many bands that exhibit a similar vocal style as their hook, this band has so much going on musically, that the comparison should be dismissed as coincidence, and not imitation. The production is very clear, with an even mix of all instruments, that allows them to contribute to an overwhelming presence while retaining their individuality. These lyrics are pure angst, plain and simple. All the grind parts sound the same, which makes it difficult to remember which song you are hearing. The bottom line is: You do need this album, but it may take some getting used to, so it will no longer sound like a 45-minute song. -- Rich