Code Red (Pavement)
Enslain Magazine Issue #7
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Here is the latest installment from one of Germany’s greatest exports, Sodom. “Code Red” is an album very similar in style to their previous opus, “’Til Death Do Us Unite”, in that it's a good solid thrash album. To be quite honest, there really does not seem to be much progression from the last one, and although Sodomaniacs will enjoy this album, it is not one that will make people stand up and take notice. I truly think they have not ever topped “Persecution Mania” even though “Agent Orange” and “Tapping the Vein” were excellent albums. The riffs on those albums were very catchy and memorable. The main problem seems to be that there is nothing very catchy or memorable about “Code Red”. If you have heard “Get What You Deserve” or “Masquerade in Blood” then you have a very good idea of what “Code Red” sounds like. Nothing weak here, nothing lame here. There are plenty of speedy thrash portions mixed in with some slow and heavy portions as well. Unfortunately, nothing superb is found on this album. If you are a Sodom fan, you will like it, but I do not think many new fans will be garnered with this release. Hopefully the next one will prove otherwise as this excellent and very influential band has done in the past. -- Morbid Mario