Sins of Omission

The Creation (Black Sun)
Enslain Magazine Issue #6
Order Issue #6!  This review included. Yes! Immediately, this CD has grabbed, and kept my undivided attention. Another Swedish assault over here... Sins of Omission create tight, fast, upbeat melodic death metal along the vein of In Flames, but greatly influenced by traditional and thrash metal. The guitarwork is technical and creative, featuring tons of excellent harmonies and acoustic interludes. The drumwork is amazing, and the arrangements are pieced tightly together like a puzzle. The vocals are a throaty, blackened yell, that is a brutal companion to the musical insanity. The lyrics are quite vivid, and make for some interesting reading material. Recorded at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, it's needless to say the sound is powerful and flawless. "The Creation" has all the ingredients necessary to become a favorite of many. -- Lady Enslain