Against (Roadrunner Records)
Enslain Magazine Issue #5
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Sepultura has finally returned with a new album! Well, sort of. It's difficult for me to listen to "Against" and think of it as the new Sepultura. It's actually not too bad, but when looking back at releases of such a macabre as "Chaos AD" or "Beneath The Remains," it can't even compare. I blame this not on new singer Derrick Green. His voice has decent range and power, and is a pretty good replacement for Max. But the songs themselves are a bit disappointing. They have lost so much of the heaviness and originality they once RULED with. Many songs, including their first single "Choke," "Boycott," and the Japanese-influenced "Kamaitachi," are very good, and catchy, and I will admit that I enjoy this CD, but it still won't be enough to satisfy Sepultura's old fans. -- Lady Enslain