Second Skin

Black Eyed Angel
(Palace of Worms)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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"Black Eyed Angel" is the second skin shed by Second Skin, an American band who play techno-industrial synthesized club goth. I would have never guessed that this act came from Arizona; they have a very Southern-European sound that's typical of retro-Euro-goth. The range of influence on this record is somewhere in between Christian Death and David Bowie. While it doesn't have a sound that's radio-accessible, I could definitely hear this taking over the dance club halls on goth/industrial nights.

The piercing guitars are simple yet form a solid base to add the cymbal-happy drumming and the delicate, non-overpowering keyboards. There's not a lot of low-end on this release, as the bass prominently follows a mid-toned sound and the snare seems preferred over the bass drums. The production brings everything together nicely, giving a fullness to the simple elements on this release. The vocals are contributed by Arron and Lizz, and an assortment of guest musicians. Arron's multifarious vocal range sounds a little uncontrolled at times but gives character to the music, although I prefer his deeper singing. Lizz adds the alto-range to the songs, and her lines are very fitting.

There's not a whole lot of appeal to a metal crowd on this release, save for the few moments when the guitars take their prominence and shred out a few heavy riffs. Mostly these are goth-pop songs, led by catchy little songs like "Body" and "Still My Love". This is a mature and interesting 14-song release that will please fans of the genre. --
Lady Enslain