Apollo Ends (The End)
Enslain Magazine Issue #7
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You can never predict what these songs are going to do next; they don't use traditional arrangements, or common melodies. The trumpets may throw you off. There's nothing standard about Sculptured, and it's refreshing. The third song "Snow Covers All" I've already grown an attachment to, after having heard it on The End's "White" compilation, though even still it hasn't fully sunk in. The mix between the horn section and the more conventional musical weapons clashes almost as much as the sunset photos clash with the pinks and purples in the layout. Maybe this is significant, and denotes that our perceptions of music, art, and life in general, are far too straight and narrow. This is truly unconventional, and requires as much of an open mind as one can give. But the effort will be rewarding. -- Lady Enslain