Intermezzo II & Rebel Extravaganza (Nuclear Blast)
Enslain Magazine Issue #6
Order Issue #6!  This review included. This is a joint review for Satyricon's first two Nuclear Blast releases, the EP Intermezzo II, and the full length released shortly thereafter Rebel Extravaganza. I'm not too familiar with their prior releases, and can't make much of a comparison thereof, but will, instead, try to describe their sound as accurately as possible. These two albums are a thunderous display of technical and aggressive black metal. Satyr and Frost blend classic, powerful metal, with dark keyboards, sounds, and production. "Intermezzo II" leans towards a more experimental nature, with samples and mechanical effects scattered throughout. "A Moment of Clarity," which appears on both of these releases, is especially addictive, but every song on these albums stands out and has something new to offer. It's not a wonder, with such an original and evil sound, that countless bands have taken influence from Satyricon over the years, and will certainly continue to. -- Lady Enslain