Martyre (Euphonious Records) Enslain Magazine Issue #8
Doom metal thrives upon the seemingly endless repetition of a simple riff or progression. This becomes dull and unlistenable if not done just right. With Saturnus, you're likely to forget about how many times you just heard the same riff, or how long the song has been going on, and concern yourself more with a longing for the song that just ended, though being refreshed by the song that follows. The riffs, aside from being mildly slow, are also delicate and tranquil, and at the same time memorable and interesting. It's missing a bit of the droning bass associated with doom metal, giving more of a pleasant sort of hopelessness. The songs are calm and simple enough to serve as background music, though mesmerizing enough to make you stop what you're doing and drown into the melancholic softness. -- Lady Enslain