Warrior's Death
(Displeased Records)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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Resuscitator plays American black metal with a retro edge. This album has a crisp and discernable sound. The CD begins with "In the Night's Silence", a slow and brooding anthem. On the next track , "Blessings of Satan", the album takes a slightly different turn, with its fast paced guitar lines, offset by march beat drums with a triplet feel right from the start. The overall sound has presence, but is never over the top. The guitars have prominent mid-tone and punch, as well as the drums. Even the bass guitar has a nice throttling high-end peak to it that makes it stand out just right. The vocals are very low in tone, and are almost spoken instead of sung. This subtlety makes for an intersting contrast with the music, and makes the vocals sound more ominous, without relying on sheer dynamics maxed out.

Recuscitator's sound is right on; there is no aimless flailing about. It is well performed and arranged. The cover art depicts three soldiers (in medieval fantasy type armor, not modern camoflague, just to give you the idea) amidst a field of ruin, being overtaken by a sword-wielding demon on a horse. This gives off a cool, warlike vibe, which is carried out in the music. Resuscitator deliver a decent effort, with good musical ideas in a clear production, keeping black metal the way it sounds best ; effective in simplicity, invigorating in mood, and focused in execution. --