A Diadem of Beauty (SOFA Records)
Enslain Magazine Issue #7
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Redeem are quite openly Christian, and seem to hide it much less than most other Christian bands. Repeated spoken passages powerfully define their beliefs and display their strong attitude towards their message, which many are reluctant to hear. I think it's great when musicians stand for something so tenaciously, especially when they can back their message with strong musical support. This is the case with "A Diadem of Beauty," a musically mature release of hardcore/metal, very similar in style to that of Zao, yet retaining enough of their own identity. The songs are quite movable without being repetitive and common, and the vocal screeches and growls also elevate this release a step above that of average hardcore. I think this release would please and surprise a wide range of fans, given that they are willing to give them the chance. -- Lady Enslain