Weakening the Structure
(This Dark Reign Records)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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Any album with a cover picture featuring riot police with night sticks drawn should tell you are in for a violent ride, and this album delivers what the cover promises. This is the second coming of "Weakening The Structure;" Recourse had released this album on their own before signing with This Dark Reign, though this version also includes two bonus tracks not on the original. The album was produced by John Gallagher of Dying Fetus, who was also a guest vocalist on the track "Scorched Earth." The opening track to this beast is "Frail Existence," and the song title is the only thing frail about this album. "Weakening The Structure" starts off strong and never misses a beat through it's ten tracks. The vocals are to the point and leave nothing in the bag. The singing on half of the tracks is similar to early Burton C. Bell's (Fear Factory), and the rest have a Randy Blythe (LoG) feel. It's nothing groundbreaking musically, but still well worth a listen. The music is fast paced, but not lightning quick. If you need something to get you moving, this will do the trick. "Frail Existence", "Nature Of Conflict", "Scorched Earth", and "End Of Suffering" are must hears on this record. Fans of anything loud, fast, and straightforward should definitely give Recourse a listen, they will not disappoint. -- Bill Schneider