Burn the Promised Land (Hammerheart)
Enslain Magazine Issue #7
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It is so good to see that pounding hideous grinding Death Metal is alive and well all over the world in the 21st century. Here is a new offering of that style that will make many people stand up and take notice. Rebaelliun play lightning fast grind/death metal that is both memorable and well thought out. Bands of this style are a dime a dozen, yes, but the difference here is that Rebaelliun do it in a way that cannot be dismissed as yet another talentless gore grind crap band. The riffs are lethal, particularly the main riff on, "Hell's Decree". This is one of those tracks you just never get enough of, and will no doubt be repeating it over and over again on your CD player. The drums are a velocity-laden hell pounding that make headbanging to this an impossible task. Many will make comparisons to Krisiun, no doubt, since both bands play the same style and are both from Brazil. However, both bands should be kept apart as different animals for they are both enjoyable and very well skilled in what they do. If you enjoy warp speed grinding death metal done tastefully and with talent, then this album is a must have. -- Morbid Mario