Rabies Caste

For the Vomiting Tractor Drivers (Infernal Racket Records) Enslain Magazine Issue #8
This band happens to call Jerusalem, Israel home. Strange considering, I would have guessed they were from somewhere east of the Mississippi. I like their sludgy hardcore compositions quite a bit, but there are some problems. The most obvious one is that the vocals don't muster up enough balls to make me a believer. If they weren't layered in effects I'm sure they would reach the nauseating point. The first track reminded me of Breach which isn't a bad sign, but in no way are they as enjoyable. The CD keeps up at the same slow to almost upbeat pace which finds these tracks losing a true identity from one to the next. At times this gets really heavy thanks to the powerful bass and guitar tones, and has competent use of dynamics in their structures, but there is nothing shockingly original here. The last track opened with a droning Godflesh section which pleased these ears. I suggest Rabies Caste get a new vocalist, attempt to vary the pace a bit more and become more adventurous in riff writing. Then I could foresee this band in a heavier rotation in my listening diet but until then it will remain at next to nothing. I would like to hear new stuff from these guys considering this CD is from '99. -- Garett