Plastic Noise Experience

(Van Richter Records)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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Plastic Noise Experience has been around for what seems like forever, and "Noised" is an opportunity to experience some of their older material remastered, as well as several new tracks. The minimalistic keyboard sound gives you a sense of 80's dance music, though much darker and less energetic. There are also tons of repeated sound samples from mechanic/industrial to spaced out. All instrumentation is programmed, and although it's not the sound they are going for, they could benefit from punchy "real" drums to back up the artificial sound.

You won't want to buy this for the weakly translated lyrics. All but a few of the songs are in English, and the vocals are strongly German accented yet highly understandable, usually sung in an almost spoken voice with few melodic notes. As one may expect, other songs have electronically-altered vocals, which is a better and more befitting style for this project, although the variation of style helps differentiate the songs and maintain interest. The singing sometimes leans towards angry, and almost a growl, being perhaps the heaviest element on the album.

The release sounds very underground, though not very heavy. II prefer the less song-oriented instrumentals, some of which are moody and have a richer, deeper sound to accommodate for the lack of vocals. "Noised" is 18 songs of dark electronic/dance music, and what's an album collection without some German EBM? --
Lady Enslain