Pissing Razors

Cast Down the Plague (Noise Records)
Enslain Magazine Issue #7
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I hesitate to refer to Pissing Razors as "crossover metal," as I am unsure of what exactly they are crossing. Rather, they blend hard-hitting powerful guitars with subtle yet noticeable bass, and versatile and capable drumwork. There are some HEAVY Pantera similarities in just a few of these tracks (especially "Survival of Time"), however Pissing Razors doesn't stand out as a Pantera clone, in that they have the drive and the originality to rise far beyond that. Due to their ferocious sound, this is one of those acts that require a live setting to fully appreciate, as such a sound is hard to transmit onto a CD. So if you haven't yet caught them at any of their metalfest appearances, you'll more than likely have the opportunity to do so at a future show. -- Lady Enslain