Spreading the Message (Lost Disciple) Enslain Magazine Issue #8
This is bad-ass! Brutal Death!! The musical ideas are well-developed and displayed, even in the more straightforward sections. It sounds like they hit what is being aimed for, and don't flail about nonsensically without direction. Production value is quite good, with an evil tone that preserves even the speedier passages from degrading in to an unintelligible wall of shit. The best of both worlds, Pandemia integrates the attentiveness to musical sensibility of the old school, with the increased level of aggression and hate of the new. This Czech onslaught needs only to work on dissonance, to vary the relationship of tension vs. resolution in the riffs and song arrangements. Also, they could teach some of those hippie Swedes a thing or two about death metal that's actually HEAVY! (Apologies to brutal Swedish bands, and to my sister Lady Enslain, a.k.a. Goddess of Gothenburg!) -- Rich