Rebirth (Stockholm Records) Enslain Magazine Issue #8
Who'd have thought Pete had this in him? If you're not familiar with Peter Tägtgren's first Pain release, this is his side project where he explores his more industrial side, though you can still hear some Hypocrisy riffing and the obvious metal roots. This has changed with "Rebirth," as Pain heads more into a techno/dance blend of heaviness. Just the thought of one of metal's most well-known and respected musicians releasing a 'dance' record that's topping the Swedish pop charts would be enough to automatically turn a lot of metalheads away from this. But hell, it's godly! Electronically melodic crunchy riffing coupled with Pete's effect-filled and doubled clean voice added to the 'nnn-tss-nnn-tss' percussion and space-like effects just seem to form this irresistibly movable sound while still being considerably heavy. But there's something deeper than that, it's still dark, and has a lot more depth than expected of such a release. The lyrical content is not quite what one would expect either, ranging from a lot of resentment towards drugs, politics, and all aspects of society, to "Supersonic Bitch" or a song about S&M entitled "She Whipped." It's hard, at first, getting used to Peter singing "She whipped me so good." But it's certainly a refreshing look at things. When hearing of the success this record generated in Sweden, of Pete being a pop icon and how he plugs Hypocrisy and other underground metal in interviews he does, my first thought was of how good a thing this is for us, by opening a lot of unsuspecting eyes to our scene. But I think after a little more consideration, I started thinking instead how great it is that it can open a lot of OUR unsuspecting minds to realizing there's a lot more out there if we allow ourselves to notice and appreciate it. -- Lady Enslain