The Last Circle of the Abyss… to the Coming
(Possession Productions)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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Pagan is a one man project by Algkult, who has been releasing "depressive black evil metal" demos under this name for over a decade. The sound here is appropriately dark, but a bit different than could be expected. The guitars have a good high-ended tone, with just a slight touch of muddiness. The vocals are rather raspy, and occasionaly in the high range, but it fits the music well. Even the bass is audible here, which is a refreshing change from the norm. The drums seem a bit low in the mix, and the bass drum is very hard to hear. Nevertheless, this disc is an interesting work.

The opening section of the first track, which is the title track, features very dissonant harmonic intervals, the likes of which are not often heard in metal. The mood seems like Black Metal, but on the somewhat experemental, and at times, industrial (in terms of tone) side. The riffing alternates from fast sections, to the slow and omnious parts, where the uniqueness of this record is most prominent, employing the similar type of dissonant intervals as previously mentioned. "The Last Circle of the Abyss…to the Coming" is a decent work, which should appeal to fans of dark, straight-to-the-point music. --