Inside (Nuclear Blast) Enslain Magazine Issue #8
Though I’d not heard Orphanage prior to this release, I was expecting this to be good, and I almost knew I’d like it even before I heard it. At first listen, I wasn’t so sure anymore. Not formatted as melodic as I expected, and with dual-gendered vocals, I nearly didn’t give them a second thought. But damn, I’m glad I did. The sound is non-traditional, as it doesn’t follow any musical sub-style, and the riffing is so very catchy and uniquely fashioned. And the angry and discontented lyrics are sung in so many ranges and styles, from the switching off of deeply grunted verses to Rosan van der Aa’s female vocal passages, to the underlying clear male vocals that sometimes back Rosan’s, and sometimes get passages of their own. It provides more of a story-telling element to the lyrics, and gives extra diversity to each of the songs. “Inside” is entertaining all throughout, and is a distinctive experience. -- Lady Enslain