Iš Kartos I Karta
(Ledo Takas Records)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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Obtest have certainly kept busy since their inception in the early 90's. Their super-saturated discography includes demos, EP's, picture discs, videos, and full-lengths released almost yearly since 1994. 2005 brings us "Iš Kartos ? Kart?" translated as "From Generation to Generation." These Lithuanians have an almost Viking metal sound, without the Viking concept. Instead, the lyrics are very heathenistic, with an element of mythology/history. The music could be considered war metal, but it has a speedier and less destructive sound.

The songs maintain an almost constant fast but not dizzying speed, with the guitars churning out thrashy riffs and heavy metal gallops. The leads vary from traditional harmonies to folky lines which best match their lyrical themes. The vocals are uniquely discernable, though, like many Northeastern European bands, sung entirely in their native language. The style is yelled melodically, having a somewhat punk-like feel, but well-fitting.

Obtest have a well-developed sound, and they offer up some strong riffs on this adequately produced release. The only downfall is a lack of variation which leads the album to drag. Still, if pagan heavy metal is your thing, you will find some uncommon and exciting moments on this record. --
Lady Enslain