Frozen in Time
(Roadrunner Records)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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They're back! One of the innovators of death metal return with a disc that sounds as though it were indeed "frozen in time." This illustrates that even after all these years, their sound, along with "old-school" death metal, proves to be a genre unto itself, as much as "Baroque" or "Romantic" are distinct styles in classical music.

The first track "Redneck Stomp" is an instrumental that sets the tone perfectly. It consists of 3 or 4 closely related riffs (mid-paced combination of muted chords on the tonic, contrasted with open chords that create dissonance leading back to the tonic), that are repeated often, and change so slightly, that the piece sounds much longer than its actual length of about 3 and a half minutes. "On The Floor" is the next track , which gets right to their classic uptempo guitar/bass picking and march beat on the drums. John Tardy's vocals have retained their usual timbre, with just a bit of reverb. The over all production sounds much like 1993's "The End Complete".

There are some interesting ideas presented overall, such as in the song "Slow Death", which starts with mid-paced double bass and what sounds like over-dubbed toms. This creates signifigant percussive depth, with a mildly tribal sound to it. The track "Denied" has (which has to be intentional) a riff or two that hint directly to the intro riff from "Infected", on 91's "Cause of Death." For the most part, this is classic Obituary, with few modifications. Recommended for diehard Obituary fans, but it's also a good listen for new would-be fans. --