No Rest for the Dead

The End of Space (Deaf American)
Enslain Magazine Issue #7
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"The End of Space" is nothing like anything, anywhere! Consider this a good or a bad thing, No Rest For the Dead have their own sound making for a unique listening. At times one may wonder if this is even metal, with slower, simpler, trippier moments, but then these moments give way to brutal grinding insanity! Then it returns back to trippy guitar sounds and groovy bass... all the while keeping the throaty, coarse, yelled vocals and growls. When they get to grinding again, it's so deep and feelable, unlike most common grindcore natured songs. I honestly wasn't expecting to like this one, as this sound doesn't describe what I'm generally into. But it has something that hooks and holds you, likely due to its innovation, that makes this one worth checking in to. -- Lady Enslain