Nokturnal Mortum

To The Gates of Blasphemous Fire (The End Records)
Enslain Magazine Issue #6
Order Issue #6!  This review included. Nokturnal Mortum will doubtlessly, in my mind, become a powerful force in the black metal scene. They have the intimidating black metal presence, and the lyrics are of darkness and chaos in nature. And the music is quality evil beauty. The songs are a mix between fast brutality, with so much going on at once, and various ambiances ranging from natural atmospheres to ancient melodies from afar. "On The Moonlight Path" is an excellent song, with so much creativity and power. I think this album could have been produced a little more to keep all of the instruments more distinct, but the quality is great nonetheless. "To The Gates of Blasphemous Fire" is a release that should not be passed up on by fans of the dark. -- Lady Enslain