Nightmare Visions

(Casket Music / Copro Records)
Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1
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"NVIII" is the unobscured name of Nightmare Visions's third release. You may not remember the first two, recorded ages ago in the mid-90's, but they've returned with a promising, slightly modernized sound. The songwriting contains old-school sensibilities, but with cleaner production and melodic tendencies, the sound has matured while still holding firmly to it's roots. Nightmare Visions somehow find a way to infuse thrashy riffs and deathlike growls with a dark and drawn out sense of doom.

Throughout the album, and especially the beginning of "I Am the Sadness", you can hear distincly Amorphis-like leads overtop the doominess. In other songs like "Sun Sets Forever," their speed/thrash element is more visible, but generally this only lasts for the duration of a riff or two before slowing and becoming more sombre. At times the songs alter so frequently that it's easy to lose touch with the essence of the song, but generally the mood changes are appreciated because they vary the experience and welcome some interesting riffs.

Nightmare Visions' ability to combine the Spirit of Metal Past with newer sounds and ideas is their strongest unique quality. Although the arrangements in some songs could be more congruent, the outcome is still enjoyable, and this 4-song MCD has some fine death/doom moments that shouldn't be passed up on. --
Lady Enslain