Devil's Force (Necropolis)
Enslain Magazine Issue #5
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Heres a very good black metal release that does not sound like the typical cheesoid black metal that too many bands are putting out today. Thankfully, this is not horrible crap that sounds like it was recorded in a bathtub type black metal, much like Darkthrone's absolute worst, "Under a Funeral Moon," although I thought "Blaze in the Northern Sky" was brilliant. This is well played, well executed black metal that sounds much like Destruction ALA "Sentence of Death" with hints of some early Infernal Majesty thrown in.
Although the music is quite good and catchy at times, Nifelheim do nothing to avoid a cheesy "Hail Satan" image as their titles "Deathstrike from Hell," "Soldier of Satan," and "Hellish Blasphemy." So if you can overlook the rather childish demonic imagery, you will find this release to be quite enjoyable. Stand out tracks include "Demonic Evil" and "Satanic Mass." Worthy black metal that should be heard. -- Morbid Mario