Deathmachine (Candlelight)
Enslain Magazine Issue #7
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"Deathmachine" is an extreme experience, and many will be unable to appreciate the insanity associated with it. Those misguided people will be missing out! Very few bands are able to mix brutality, technical proficiency and listenability as well as Myrkskog. Their non-stop assaulting black metal is played with such precision, as their ideal guitar sounds blend with each other with often entirely different and equally insane ideas. The pace is so fast, it takes multiple listens, but no complaints there! This is some of the finest black metal I've been exposed to... it's so unwavering. Excessively fast and chaotic, but staying in touch with harmonization and skill. Minimal backing keyboards add nicely without drowning the already complex sound. Most of the album retains the same sound, but it's an amazing sound that's worth listening to for the entire album. -- Lady Enslain